Clinical trial of HEPATOGARD in acute viral hepatitis

Article published in The Indian Practitioner (Vol. XLVI, Feb 1993, No. 2, PP. 141-151)


In a double blind placebo controlled trial, Hepatogard, a herbal formulation was evaluated in 62 patients of acute viral hepatitis. The clinical parameters viz., anorexia, nausea-vomiting, malaise, icterus, liver tenderness and hepatomegaly decreased markedly on the drug as compared to the placebo. The total serum bilirubin was elevated in the placebo group at the end of four days while during the same period, total serum bilirubin values in Hepatogard group dropped.

The difference between the placebo and the drug was significant (P < 0.005). The decline continued to be significant for next three weeks. Similar significant decline in serum transaminase values was observed. No serious adverse effects were observed.

For the use of registered medical practitioner only.

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