Qualitative & Quantitative Composition

Katuvira 0.3% w/w, Gandhapuro tel 11.6% w/w, Laung ka tel 2.1% w/w, Pudina sat 8.7% w/w, and Karpoor 4.3% w/w. In a cream base.

Dosage Form

Topical Cream.

Therapeutic indications

Anti inflammatory & analgesic.

Dosage and administration

For external use only

Apply ½ inch cream (depending upon the size of affected area) 2-3 times daily to the affected area and spread gently. Do not rub.

As directed by physician


Should not be applied on broken skin or pimples.

Warnings and Precautions

Do not apply inside the nostrils or eyes or anywhere on the face and neck or on open wounds.

Drug interactions

Not applicable due to topical administration.

Pregnancy & lactation

Does not affect / impair due to topical administration

Undesirable effects/side effects

Rarely may cause hypersensitive reactions

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