As the complexion of pharmaceutical marketing started changing from the simple formulation manufacturing to more sophisticated, high technology based products, and from emphasis primarily on manufacturing and distribution to modern methods of marketing, the company recognized the need for stepping up the marketing activities to match the emerging market situation. Consequently, the company consistently emphasizes on the experimentation and professionalism in all its marketing activities. The products currently marketed by the company are:

Analgesic / Antipyretic:

Metacin Fast Release Tablets
Metaplus Tablets
Metacin Exs Tablets
Metacin Infant Drops
Metacin Pediatric Suspension
Metacin Suursa Suspension
Metacin Injection
Metacin Suppository

Analgesic / Anti-inflammatory:

Inflagesic Plus
Inflagesic Gel
Tromadene Plus
Supergesic Cream


Cinaryl Tablets
Cinaryl Infant Drops
Cinaryl Pediatric Suspension


E-Mycin Tablets / Suspension
Deftolide Tablets / Suspension
Mytiflox Tablets


Atelol Tablets
Atelol D Tablets
Vasogard Tablets
Vasogard AT Tablets

PPI and Prokinetic:

Ulcitab Tablets
Ulcitab – D Tablets

Health Enhancer / Liver Tonic:

Hepatogard Tablets
Hepatogard Forte
Hepatogard Liquid