Where is the company Chemosyn located?
Chemosyn Limited regd office in Mumbai, corporate office in Ahmedabad and its factory is located at Vapi, Gujarat.
What are the products manufactured by Chemosyn?
Chemosyn Limited manufactures a wide range of products including Antipyretic and Analgesics, Anticonvulsant, Anti – Cold, Antibiotics, Cough Preparations, Anti – Inflammatory and Analgesics, Opioid Analgesic, Acid Suppressants, Wound Healing, Health Enhancer and Liver Tonic, Cardiovascular Products.
Are the products made by Chemosyn recommended by doctors?
Yes, all products manufactured by Chemosyn Limited are only prescribed by Doctors.
Are the products approved by FDA and are they safe?
Yes, all products are approved by the FDA and safe.(Refer to therapeutic index)
Where can I get products made by Chemosyn?
All products are available at all medical shops and Chemist stores.
How long will I have to take these products for to get completely cured?
As prescribed by the doctor..(refer to therapeutic index)
Are these products safe for infants?
All products prescribed for children by the doctor are considered safe..(refer to therapeutic index)
Are there any side effects of these products?
Contra indications are mentioned on the products and prescribed by doctor..(refer to therapeutic index)
Is it safe for me to take other medicines whilst I'm receiving treatment with Chemosyn products?
You may consult your doctor on prescription..(refer to therapeutic index)
Are there any specific precautions I need to take while consuming these products?
Please consult your doctor..(refer to therapeutic index)
Are there any dietary restrictions whilst taking these products?
Doctors can advice on this conditions. .(refer to therapeutic index)