Qualitative & Quantitative Composition

Each film coated tablet contains extracts of picrorhiza kurroa 25mg, andrographis paniculata 5mg, phyllanthus amarus 5mg, boerrhavia diffusa 10mg, azadirachata indica 1.8mg, emblica officinalis 8.4mg, terminalia chebula 2mg, terminalia belerica 0.8mg, eclipta alba 6.2mg, zingiber officinale 20mg, and piper longum 10.4mg.

Dosage Form

Oral Tablets

Therapeutic indications

Health enhancer and liver tonic.

Dosage and administration

  • For treatment of liver disorders – 1 – 2 T.D.S.
  • For prevention of liver disorders – 1 B.D.S.

As directed by physician

Clinical trials / Scientific findings of Hepatogard

The Indian Practitioner, Vol. XLVl, Feb 1993, No. 2, PP. 141-151, Clinical trial of hepatogard in acute viral hepatitis.

The Bombay Hospital Journal, Vol.34, No. 4, 1992, PP. 35-40, Effect of prophylactic Hepatogard treatment on the incidence of hepatotoxicity in patients receiving anti – tuberculosis drugs.


None except hypersensitivity to the ingredients.

Warnings and Precautions

Dosage should be taken as per directed by physician

Drug interactions

None reported

Pregnancy & lactation

None effect observed

Undesirable effects/side effects

None reported

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